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Ok so now I heard about the new graphics cards from Nvidia and since I'm a current user( GTX 260) I wanted to hear everyones opinion about the new line of cards coming out in early summer. WHATS NEW? WHATS BETTER? IS IT WORTH IT? DX11?

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  1. ive used dx11 it is better by quite a lot , i tried ATI but there drivers sent me back to nvidia , good jod , im going to wate for nvidia to bring out there dx11 .
  2. Have you not heard of the 470 and 480?
    (they obviously arent in the 300 series)
    I guess they just skipped 3 and went to 4
  3. Fermi was originally suppose to be a Nvidia Tesla board if im not mistaken. it was not originally meant for gaming.
    but something did not work out quite well and they decided to dump it off on the gaming end of their line ups.
  4. Yeah, GTX 400+ series :D

    I've seen the benchmark test and so far in general the HD 5970 is still better. Although the GTX 480 is a single GPU card and the 5970 is dual, so when they dual the 480, if ever, it'll be way better than the 5970.

    Obviously everything is new :D Memory interface isn't 512 bit anymore though. And there are overheating issues sometimes known to happen with the GTX 480, and it is said that the fan is audible during its "load".

    Good article I found for the GTX 480 (Not 475) is http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=480&Itemid=72
  5. I was looking into buying the 470, but my common sense kicked in and told me
    "never ever buy a first gen anything"
    I realize these arent really first gens, but they are the first of a series which is just as bad.
  6. 10hellfire01 said:
    And there are overheating issues sometimes known to happen with the GTX 480

    "Known to happen" on a card that has yet to go on sale? :heink:
  7. What the hell happened to this thread, quite a few views no responses till yesterday and flagged up as being posted in by myself. I Must of been the only one who posted in it and it was part of my deleted posts.

    Odd why someone resurrected it.
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