[WTS]Never completed rig

I am selling many components of a rig I lost interest in building. Everything was purchased from Newegg over the last two months and have never been used. I will email pictures upon request if you message me.

- Asus z77 sabertooth motherboard(paid $250)
- Evga GTX superclocked 560 GPU(paid $170)
- Rosewill Hive 750 watt power supply(paid $90)
- Gskill Sniper series 8gig ddr3 1866 memory(paid $55)
- Logitech gx9 gaming mouse(paid $60)
- Microsoft sidewinder x4 gaming keyboard(paid $55)

I am asking $450 OBO, I am really not interested in parting out(but I may consider) because I dont have time to run back and forth to ups,
numerous time. If interested please message me.
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  1. How is $450 or OBO full price?
  2. My bad I took a quick glimpse and it seemed to be OP.
    Where's the CPU btw?

    The only thing that's standing out is the Motherboard lol
  3. Quote:
    You won't get full price for your stuff............. It's been 2 months..

    halodude23 said:
    Where's the CPU btw?

    Sheesh, a little reading comprehension is in order :)
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