Dirt2 download taking a loooong time!

at steam i cant seem to download dirt2?!? Its taking about an hour and its still at 0% !!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? My connection is good enough at broadband speeds!!!
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  1. alright, first, how big is the file, and do you have any programs like peerguardian or anything?
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    Dirt2 is around 10Gb,i downloaded it yesterday and it took about 2hrs,so just check your settings or it could have just been a simple connection problem.
  3. yeah i guess it was my connection because it was stuck at 0% for about 45minutes! i will try to download it again. Steam isnt really what I call a friendly site....
  4. I kinda agree there,having a few probs my self with them.Thank you for the best answer.
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