Value My Product + Help me upgrade it.

Im trying to sell a desktop,
about 2-3years old now.
It runs on
AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Processor 2.2ghz
4GB Memory
1TB Hard Drive
ATI Radon HD 3200 Graphics.
I'm planning on replacing the DDR 4GB Ram with DDR3 8GB Ram
Planning on replacing a Graphic card if anyone could recommend me one that's better than one above and isn't overly priced.
I dont think Processor needs replacing although its not too great, I dont feel the need to spread my budget if its not necessary.
Hard Drive will be wiped and followings will be optional.
XP/VISTA/Windows 7
Microsoft Words Basic
Norton Security 15 month basic
Photo shop
Basic Monitor/Mouse/Keyboard from HP package included if needed.
I'm planning on selling it to my friend and if he doesn't want to I'm planning on selling it to other buyers.

So I would appreciate it if you guys could value this product.
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  1. If your system is all hp, then the windows coa goes with the motherboard (literally). I would try selling it intact and start over, even if you buy another hp. Upgrading oem systems is hit or miss and the hp power supply will also need to be replaced for any better graphics card. If you sell it, look for a near new or refurbished system; some are on craigslist or ebay; some at anandtech, etc. If you don't have much of a budget, then just get a newer video card such as this one: You can try your old power supply first and get a 400-450w corsair later if needed newegg has them cheap. Your setup if you sell it intact is worth only $200-225 used with the hp windows.
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