Overhyped games that were not that good or sucked.

It doesn't have to completely suck. But what games kinda let you down once you got the chance to play them. Or what did you play that just flat out sucked ass hyped or not.

1. Half-Life - After playing it all I could say was that's it? I dont know what was so revolutionary or groundbreaking about it.

2. Thief - I just thought it flat out sucked, I guess I'm not cut out for the stealth games. I hate games that require massive trial and error.

3. Neverwinter Nights - Just a big letdown after the Baldurs Gate series. It was still okay but just not as good as the others.

4. Any Civilization game other than Civ 1 or 2 - Call to power series kinda sucked and Civ 3 was too buggy

5. Pool of Radiance - Sucked, boooorrriinnnnggg and buggy

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  1. Did you play half-life when it was firtst released or after a lot of newer FPS games? This game was awesome and is still great fun for multiplaying! In my opinion this game was awesome!
  2. About a 6 months after release. As much as everyone ranted and raved about it being the greatest FPS ever it was lacking in my book. It's still a good game and was entertaining enough but I guess I just expected something to blow me away and it wasn't close. Maybe my expectations were too high. I played Deus Ex about a year after release and loved it.

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  3. Yeh, Deus Ex was an awesome game to, can't wait for the 2nd one in a couple of months!
  4. I agree on Half Life. I played it right when it came out and it was buggy on my Voodoo3 and it just wasn't that fun.

    Counterstrike. Never liked this game either allthough I have promised to try it out again. We'll see.

    The quake games never did it for me. Quake 3 is definitely a major waste in my opinion.

    UT2K3 is a major let down. I really like some of the levels but it mostly sucks. I've posted why in other threads.

    Unreal II. Definitely a lame game.

    BF1942. I'm sorry, but this game looks like doom on my system. I guess you need a top of the line system to get this game to look good. It's just too lame compared to a game like MOHAA.

    Warcraft III. I never did like this game. I think it was the sounds and voices that just bothered me, but it also was such a let down overall considering all the time and hype that they put into this game. They didn't really do much to impress me.

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  5. Man, I agree with every game on your list except BF1942 (though I must admit, waiting for five minutes for each level to load got old quickly...)

    I especially was disappointed in WC3. I was so certain it was gonna rawk, I bought it the first day of release for $54.99.

    I played it for about half an hour. It sucks.

    Here's one that's really obscure. I'm an expert at an RTS game called Empire Earth. Well, they came out with their expansion, The Art of Conquest. Waited for almost a year for that damned expansion and it SUCKED.

    Let's see, what else...

    Morrowind...it's okay but not nearly as good as I thought from the hype.

    Everquest...I just couldn't get into it.

    Jedi Knight 2...Ditto above, and the story was not compelling at all...

    Giants--Citizen Kabuto...horrible single-player.

    Actually, it's been a long time since a game really WOWED me.

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  6. AOM
    THEIF II : Die developers die
    UNREAL 2k3: I didnt even bother buying unreal 2
    Need For speed HP2 : I find high stakes better in gamplay

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  7. Pool of Radiance. Probably the worst game I ever played, definetely the worst RPG I've ever played. In one word I can describe the whole game: Boring. And waaaaaay too slow. Each round of combat took an eternity.

    For those of you that played it, did you not want to pull your hair out each time and undead creature had to make its move? I somehow forced myself to complete the game just because I love RPG's but it was a grueling experience, and I was totally let down.

    Thief 1 and 2. Tried Theif 1 for 5 minutes, quit it, played Thief 2 for about 30 minutes, and that's it. I guess I was expecting a medieval timeframe and such. But the whole flash-grenade and electricity generators (etc) ruined the game.

    To generalize: I'm always let down by fantasy RPG's that are supposed to have medieval settings (i.e. swords and armor type things) but add guns to the mix. I hate it when developer's do that. Why would anyone want a sword when you can have a gun? And what good is medieval armor against a .50 cal? Does this dissappoint any one else as well?
  8. Half-Life rules!

    The single player was good when it was first released. Multiplayer is what made that game so great. How many other games were as good in deathmatch, teamplay, and has had as many different mods to the same game?


    That is why it is such a great game. I know of guys that still play it on their lunchbreak across their LAN. That is another great thing about Half-Life, the ability to play it on below average systems. I first played it on a 4MB AGP onboard pice of junk and a Voodoo2 daughter card. (Glide)

    I have a lot of fond memories thanks to Half-Life.

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  9. The multiplayer is great but the single player was just another FPS. Pretty good but wayyyy overhyped.

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  10. You should receive some sort of award for actually completing Pool of Radiance. I remember playing in and all of a sudden it occured to me. This game is boring as hell! Haven't touched it since.

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  11. Are you talking about the NEW Pool of Radiance? I haven't played it but I had fun with the original TSR game back when I was on a B/W Mac.

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  12. Yeah the new one.

    I've never played the old version, but I think you would cry if you saw what a lousy game they re-made. :)

    LOL...an award! heheh
    I think it is an award enough to know in my mind that I will never play that game ever again ;)
  13. No I played the old one on my old Mac as well. I loved that game even though it repeatedly crashed at the end when you got to the dragon. That's why it was such a letdown for me.

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  14. C&C Renegade.
  15. GTA II It broke my heart [sad] Esp because i'm a big fan of the original GTA and GTA#3

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  16. WarCraft III was a huge disappointment for me. I still play StarCraft:Brood War regularly and WCIII is collecting dust.

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  17. I have to agree that Unreal2 was a big let down. The graphics and environments were drop dead gorgeous, but the story line needed a lot of help and the times in the Atlantis got to be a bit too much

    Civ3 - it was a good idea, but not nearly as good as Civ2. and I found it took a bit to much effort to enjoy the game as much as I should have.

    WCIII - again, I must say I think it could have been a good game but I played it for an hour and it just didn't grab me the way Starcraft had. I think it has to do with the fact that you have so many units with 'special' abilities.

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  18. I actually liked C&C Renegade. Sure, the singleplayer sucked after you got over the novelty of all the C&C stuff, but did you ever try playing it on a 20 person server with a map like Under or Field (I think it was Field)?

    Then again, I downloaded the multiplayer demo of Battlefield 1942 and thought it sucked, so I might be weird. Or something.
  19. The single player sucked IMHO if only because of very very bad AI. The last levels specially were PITA to complete because the fools you were supposed to protect just ran ahead and did NOTHING to help you. The whole game suffered from poor AI.
  20. tony hawk 4 and gta vice city (console games regardless) totally overhyped

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  21. For me the following games were letdowns.

    Unreal 2: Unreal 1 is my favorite game of all time together with Civ (and civ2 and AC). U2 had good graphics, but had virtually nothing else. The character moved to slow, enemies were unoriginal/boring and every thing we were promised was taken out of the final release..

    Civ3: Yeah, I've played strategy board games that can take a few hours per turn, but at least I can chatter with my oponent(s). For a computer game it is just BAD! Additional minus points for the worst EVER cheating AI.

    Soldier of Fortune 2: The first one was buggy, hard and lotsa fun. This one was buggy, hard and not fun. Enemies that you have no chance at seeing because they're only a few pixels big in the annoying fog take you out. In the beggining levels this was livable since there were hiding spots and very few open maps, until you crawl through that pipe and there's something like 10 of them. NOT FUN!

    Neverwiter Nights: It was alright, but the max level stuff pretty much eliminates role playing for more than the few hours it takes to reach level 20.

    NOLF 2: Good game, but disappointing compared to the first. The conversations were sooo hilarious in the first one that I sometimes got killed because I was laughing so hard... Besides the I liked the original Cate better...


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  22. Yeah, Civ3 was ok, but it can't compare to the glory of Civ or Civ2.

    And about Warcraft 3, I couldn't agree more. It was ok, but Brood Wars gets 5000x more play over here. It's still among the favorites for the lan parties I go to mainly because it works on almost any system

    Unreal Tourney 2003 is kinda stretchign it, but I still am not too terribly impressed with it. Sure it's got eye-candy galore, but the true badassnes of the original is still better imo

    It's all good ^_^
  23. Warcraft 3 - Got it, installed it ,finished it, never played it again, multiplayer sucked big time. Me and my friends tried it for 3 days then went back to Starcraft:Brood War.

    Thief 2 - Someone gave it to me with no reason, that is until I installed it and played it, uninstalled 2 days later, never touched it again.
  24. <b>Let Down's</b>;
    WarCraft III - just not my type of game (unlike Twitch Morrowind is it for that stuff for me)

    HitMan 2 - Man the game was pretty good but short as hell for all that dough!

    Unreal II - Just makes me glad there are humans out there to play against in UT2K3.

    BattleZone - Loved the original (still have it and centupede/tempest on my machine at work [MS arcade]) hated the followup modern version, very weak.

    Freelancer - Awesome Graphics, Mediocre gameplay, weak story, terrible end.

    <b>Just Plain Stinks IMNSHO</b>;

    Sims - I loved the Original/like the current SimCity(s), but Jeez man go outside and Meet REAL people and have a REAL life! (I've always wanted to create a serial killer hack for the online version an mess with people's 'virtual reality')

    NHL 97 - Freakin' Buggy piece of crap, 96 was Great, but 97 almost killed the hockey franchise. Yet it was promoted up the ying-yang. 98 was awesome and saved the series.

    A Bunch of Lucas Arts Starwars titles, played the demos and wow, WTF, looks like they're selling-out the franchise early!

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