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I use Mandrake. The character fonts in Netscape and word processing/editor applications are terrible. Why are they so much better in Windows? I already tried importing windows fonts without much help.
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  1. The problem is that Netscape is a crummy browser, and GUI apps in Linux traditionally don't use anti-aliased text. Only the latest updates to KDE pull in anti-aliased text, and even then it's mostly just for KDE apps. You might be able to improve things a bit by turning up your font size in Netscape (Edit->Preferences->Fonts and Colors).

    You might also try <A HREF="" target="_new">Mozilla</A>. Mozilla was originally based on Netscape 4.x source code, but in its current incarnation it only really keeps the toolbar buttons. Currently Mozilla is still beta, but it looks much nicer and runs far more stable than Netscape. Startup time is horrible though.

    Konqueror (the browser packaged with KDE) is a nice, stable, lightweight browser, but it tends to get confused on complex pages, and there's no really good Java implementation for it.

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