which A64 chipset will you recommand?

As the subject ask. I am planning to get a A64 system, but I still can't decide which chipset to go with it. (VIA or nvidia or ??) Thanks in advance for any input...
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  1. These chipsets are so new you might want to wait a couple weeks to figure out which one is best. Early nVidia chipsets seemed to have some problems, but nVidia is a far more reputable company than VIA, so I'm fairly certain they'll work things out. DFI seems to thing the ALi chipset will be great this time around and should be releasing a new board based on it in about a week. And I'm sure SiS will be right in there as well. So unless you need to build NOW, I'd wait for the dust to settle to declare a winner.

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  2. Dont go with A64 yet. They are not standard. The pins are changing and other things. I dont know the specifics but i would wait on that for a bit. and prices will drop of course. and wait until a 64bit os comes out from ms, quarter 1 of 2004
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