WTS Mobo&CPU&Ram:Asus M4A89GTD PRO USB3 AM3, AMD Phenom 2 Thuban 6core

Hello. I'm upgrading to Ivy Bridge so I have some parts to sell from my old pc :). Alright, so I'm looking for $100 + shipping (we can discuss shipping, might not have to pay). I'll ship it the day after I get the payment. Everything is in great condition and works like a beast. Payment would be done through paypal, US buyers only, unless you can pay international shipping :).

I've overclocked the processor to 3.4Ghz with a CoolerMaster V6 GT, so it's a pretty decent OCer. It comes stock at 2.8Ghz.

I can probably post pictures later, as I'm currently using this PC so I need to find the camera with pictures in it :).

Here's the motherboard:
Here's the cpu:

I'm also selling some ram if anyone's interested. Just shoot me a PM for more details about everything.
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  1. you got PM

  2. SOLD!
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