Stupid hardware acceleration

Hey guys i wanted to record some gameplay with a screen recorder i've used different recorders...Camstudio camtasia hypercam but none of them will record my game play they either record my desktop or a black screen.

i've realized that is hardware acceleration but when i try to disable it in vista. (what i have) it says

"Your current display driver does not allow changes to be made to hardware acceleration settings"

I used dxdiag or whatever and it says its enabled but i cant turn it off? Any help guys my intel graphics card settings dont say anything about 3d acceleration or anything.

I also tried looks for the registry setting with it but i cant find the one for hardware acceleration.

Please help. Stupid hardware acceleration.
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  1. What gfx card do you have?
  2. Ma'b he's running the programs as two different users?

    If your screen recorder is running as one user and your other program as another user, it probably won't let your interact/record what another user is doing.

    I know when I patch World of Wacraft, it prompts me to elevate my user and when it does, it runs as admin. Since WoW is now running as admin, when it restarts and I go back in, Vent won't work anymore.

    The problem was WoW was running as Admin and Vent was running as my user, so Vent couldn't sense the push-to-talk button since it was being pushed on the admin account.
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