Ultimate boot on win7 64bit

Ok, I've tried a few ways round this and I'm not having much luck,

I want to move my O/s from an 80Gb drive to a 160Gb I have, I tried the system image backup/restore service in Win7, no hope, I end up in an endless loop (cant recover from this situation, do that instead, do what it asked yet again, same error message)
So I tried going for ultimate boot disk, (I need a copy of that anyway) I thought I'd try one of its disk clone/imaging tools, only thing is, I cant get anywhere on that either :)
(Ideally I want Ub on a Usb stick)
Downloaded ub4win, saved to desk.
copied my win7 disk to a folder on desk,
ran ub as admin.
Ub cant find the i386\setup file in Win7 folder to use as source,
Looping again,
do I have to use Xp to create the bootable disk?
I have access to a Xp system or two, but I'm at a loss as to whats going on with Win7,
Thanks in advance for any help,
*bit of trolling through google later, I now believe that yes, I need to go through xp to do it, oh well, learning all the time hehe :)

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  1. Future readers note, if you stick an XP disk into your cd drive and select that as source, youll be able to install all the programs on your Os, after that who knows, I'm just going to stick the ones I need on a usb and go from there.
    Threads dead Baby, Threads dead.
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    Try clonezilla and just clone the whole image to the new HDD. Then use Win 7's disk management tools to expand the partition as desired.
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