CPU usage 100% after clean install of window 7 64bit while gaming help

I was previously running Vista 64 and never noticed my CPU usage getting so high on my G15 Keyboard. I just performed a clean install to Windows 7 64 bit ultimate. I got all the updated drivers for all hardware and updated my bios. I have a gigabyte Mobo, 4 gb ocz ram, gtx 285 SC, 750w corsair, e7400 2.8ghz wolfdale core 2 duo. I have watched my G15 during left for dead and cpu pegs out at 100% and Memory at about 60%. CODMW2 runs at 60%-70% CPU and 60%-70% mem. I never noticed this with vista. I have tried everything. I reinstalled window 7 a second time to check and make sure nothing went wrong with the install but that did not fix anything. I have watched process explorer and the task manager to see what was eating up my cpu processes during these periods of high usage and i only shows a few processes most of which is the game that I am plaiying. Sitting idle my cpu only shows anywhere from 1-3%. Is this all normal or should I keep looking for issues? I did have some problems with my usb ports cutting in and out during first install of windows 7. Could I have a Mobo issue? I would like any advice I can get.
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  1. I you sure it's not because you only have a dual core CPU? TeamFortress 2 uses about 2-1/4 of my logical CPUs on my i7 which would be about 180% of your CPU, and that game is older.

    Game patch ma'b and now it's better at multi-threading?
  2. Question: don't we WANT games to use more CPU usage?

    As long as the system doesn't slow down, don't worry about it. Using Task Manager numbers is silly to begin with (Example: TM shows Address Space usage, and not actual memory usage. Big difference between them).
  3. thx for the replies, just makin sure everything was ok
  4. I wouldn't worry about it unless you've actually seen an in-game performance dip.
  5. That's normal for Wolfdale processors. I also have an E8400 that's OC'd and it's maxes out on virtually all games. You also have to remember, different games use your computer resources differently depending on how the software engineers programmed it. Some games will use more CPU than GPU, others will use more GPU than CPU. Only way to tell is to run an analysis program while gaming. However, that will always eat into your performance.

    Chances are your MB is as old as mine and you can't go with a SSD option (like me). But if you could that would be your best option to lower your CPU usage as the SSD can provide the data to the CPU faster than a HDD. It may not resolve your CPU usage problems, but it will likely lower it somewhat. I added a 10k HDD to replace my 5400 rpm HDD and it dropped my CPU usage by 5-8%. I OC'd it to 3.4 GHz and it dropped my usage down another 5%. Every bit helps.
  6. Hello,
    I had the same issue as you! I found a solution to this issue

    Step 1:
    In the search bar type " Power Options", then click it
    Step 2:
    On the power plan you are currently on press change power options
    Step 3:
    The press advanced power settings.
    Step 4:
    Then navigate to Processor Power Management, then press it, now press the Maximum Processor state.
    Step 5:
    Now double click On battery and switch it to 80% and do the same to Plugged in.
    Step 6 ( Really important)
    Now you have limited how much your CPU is going to run at so close all UN used programs.
    Step 7:
    Scan for viruses, root kits, malware, and uninstall any unwanted programs.
    Plus this issue is common with Wolfdale processors.
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