Batman-AA UNIQUE glitch?! ftw?

Please help me find a way to remove this glitch =(


Mobo: Biostar/Redfox TA790GXBE
CPU: Phenom X2 550 BE
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4gb
GPU: Sapphire 5770 9.12 CCC
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  1. U can't use an AA setting of ATI's cards, that game only designed for NVIDIA's cards... :)
  2. Im not forcing AA with catalyst control, or any other methods sir :(
  3. It happen only when u playing batman or it happen on every games?
  4. Only batman. And only after I die. The villains that show up and say something? That part! Like on that image. All the villains show that glitch/ugly-trail. The in-game of batman AA is pretty smooth...
  5. Then i think that's just a "bug" from the game... :)
    Try to patch with the latest patch for that game, maybe it can help...
  6. It is already updated to 1.1 sir... sigh
  7. Then i don't know what else to do, since i don't have that game...
    Sorry if i'm not help at all. T.T
  8. Thats an odd one; it almost looks like the GPU buffer isn't getting flushed properly...

    Any other games doing this?
  9. As far as i know... Only this game (batman). :)
  10. I managed to fix it guys. Something to do either with ny crack or the 1.1 update. I reinstalled the game and patched a good 1.0 crack. All is well now. No glitches and such, no need to update 1.1
  11. ok, glad to hear that... :)
  12. aaaahhhhhaaaaa,and I though it was LSD trip.
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