So what Steam deals have you purchased?

In the latest round of Steam offerings and daily specials, I have purchased the following:

Left 4 Dead (the original)
Max Payne 2
Half Life: Source

Those are in addition to the MW2 I bought for $30 at best buy and L4D2, Nba2k10, Batman Arkham Asylum, and KOTOR from the Thanksgiving specials. I have so many games now I cannot play them all, but I cannot pass up a good deal!
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  1. man wish i was you the holidays are so long im running out of games
  2. I am catching up on some games I've never played but are legendary. The left 4 deads are keeping me busy at the moment
  3. Empire: Total War, World of Goo, Mass Effect
  4. Max payne was a cool game. the first and second.
  5. Yeah I played the first and remember it being creepy (still have it actually). I figured I would play MP 2 and then MP 3 when it comes out.
  6. I spent WAY too much on the Steam deals:

    Dragon Age: Origin (when it was around $33)
    Gun (hey, it was a steal!)
    Mass Effect (actually, purchased it around the Thanksgiving sale)
    Jade Empire
    Atari 80 Classics
    Orange Box
    Silent Hill: Homecoming
    Stalker Clear Sky
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