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I am selling my msi gx640 laptop. The laptop is 2 years old with 1 year of warranty left. the laptop has worked great for me and is still one of the fastest gaming laptop on the market. There are no scratches on the laptop and is in almost perfect condition. The only thing is that the trackpad is now glossy from being matte but it's normal and does not effect it's performance at all. What you get in this auction is ONLY the laptop, battery, and power adaptor. Unfortunately I don't have the original box

It has an ati 5850m gpu and a core i5 430m cpu. Battery life is about 1.45 hours during gaming and this is a 9 cell battery.

I will ask $575;jsessionid=1wyg4w7ev0jx51bo8n78fgtavk
here is the 3d mark 11 results for the laptop.
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  1. This laptop will be a refurb. This one would bsod when i boot windows so i sent it in to msi warranty.
  2. Laptop has been rma'd and I will get it back on monday. Bump for a sale.
  3. bump back for sale. Priced to sell at $575.
  4. bump
  5. $525
  6. bump lowered to $500
  7. bump.
  8. bump
  9. bump.
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