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are there any games that would take advantage of a core i7950 and 2 4870x2 video cards in quadfire?
got a pc as a gift back in july and while I have played several titles and enjoyed them (batman, crysis, fear 2, re5) seems that the hardware in this system is way ahead of what the software needs..

is that the case?

dad got my this system and I dont think he was aware, nor was i that this machine probably has more power than any game currently requires..with a core i7950 and 2 4870x2

thanks for any info and happy new year!

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  1. if you have maxed out crysis, you should be seeing the system going below 60fps. it will still be playable, but even your powerful system will likely have a little bit of trouble with it.

    but yes, its a very powerful system. that sort of power is there as futureproofing more than anything. right now, there wont be much that cant be maxed and obliterated, but its all as matter of time.

    if you puporsely want to test your system, id recomend ARMAII. the game isnt that great, but visually its an absolute beast. and even your system may get a little bit bogged down.
  2. welsh,
    I read on here a while ago that crysis runs ok on higher end systems possibly due to the fact that it is poorly coded..
    when I run crysis at maxed out settings I do get about 40 some fps..

    I did notice that my cards get hot so i need to crank up the fans on the cards..
  3. I downloaded the demo for arma and I get 30-40 fps on max everything... is that good?
  4. yeah, very good. my current rig gets around 25fps on both games when maxed. so you can see a noticeable performance gain on yours :D

    its not really that crysis is poorly coded, just that it was very much ahead of its tims grtaphically. and hence its very demanding. but the point there, is even with a rig as poewrful as yours, there are some games that wont get a steady 60fps. as time goes by, more and more of those kind of games will be released. the benefit of having such a powerful rig is that you don't have to upgrade as often.
  5. Arma 2 seems pretty nice with graphics.. near crysis..
    I wonder why my fps isn't consistent..
    Any ideas?
    What kind of rig do you have?
  6. my rig is in my signature (below).

    how do you mean incossitent? do you mean within certain games its inconsistent, or between games?

    obvioulsy, different games will perform very differently. but FPS will fluctuate all the time anyway,depending on what is being processed. and how much is gonig on.
  7. Well for ex playing resident evil 5 the fps sucked in dx10 but ran great at dx9...
    Do you thk id see a difference in fps using a higher res mon itor or even using a new 5k series gpu
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