L4d 2

got left 4 dead 2 as a christmas gift. Noticed that there is no save feature in the game..
is that purposely?

also is there much of a storyline except get to the next level and kill more zombies?are there variations of zombies or the same old zombies because so far it seems pretty redundant and tends to get boring unless im in the mood to just run and shoot
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  1. L4D2 is mainly an on-line game that you play with other players. Even though it has a single player mode, they are really just campaign maps.

    As for the story line, that's it. Your dropped into a zone with a ton of zombies and you have to fight your way out. The games play homage to movies like Dawn of the Dead, etc.

    Playing single player gets boring. It's when you go online and play with other people that you discover the real fun and joy of the game.
  2. I have it and i only have one friend that has it so playing while chatting with him is very fun
  3. Pnico , no, all of you,,, Join me in L4D2, look or search for Axe. Tell me when your in if you want.
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