1 gtx 560 ti FS (160)

Selling an EVGA 560 ti for 160$ Usd.
About 2 months old, still has box.
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  1. Whats the model number?
  2. with a waterblock it will run about 200. 210 shipped.
    without its 160, and 170 shipped.
  3. has the regular heatsink on though right? would you do a small trade?
  4. sup what kind of trade? and yes it has original heatsink on it.
  5. I have a Sapphire 6770, you probably aren't interested though. I also have access to the intel retail edge deal, I can get a i7-3930k for a good deal and would prob trade it for $400-450 worth of stuff. LMK if interested?
  6. i pretty much just need cash sorry. unless you have a 6950 thats a fair trade.
  7. I wouldn't trade it for the 6770 straight up, I would obv add in cash. I'll let you know though
  8. bump here we go still one left
  9. I literally signed up on tom's so i could respond. I would like to trade you a XFX HD 6950. 560 ti is as close to even as I can fathom. I run a few programs who hevily favor openGL and the Nvidia card would do me well.

    If you are willing: Would you throw in the water block too?

    I would like to convert my system at some point. So preferably I could get the air cooling fan/shroud and the water block for later.

    What you think... trade straight up?

    Email me or send PM
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