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I love the game but you'd think that in a sequel to a mega hit game like Left 4 Dead there would be not only new enemies but a bigger selection of weapons. The Ak-47 is nice and so is the M-79 Grenade launcher but where are my belt fed weapons, my flame throwers? How about a chain gun or some grenades or claymore mines. Another thing that I don't like is the inability to site down your weapon. Aiming is way to simplistic. I like to aim my weapon like in Killing Floor or in COD. Another thing that could have made the game better is perks for heads shots, a body count bonus plus different combos with mêlée weapons and the ability to upgrade you gear and your weapons. They did add flame and frag rounds but how about some Fanchette rounds. There is just so much they could have done with the sequel to make it so much better. What they did was give us an add-on for the price of a full blown sequel.
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  1. i agree in many ways.

    i love the game, but it feels more like a piece of DLC. i think that valve are trying to keep the game fairly simple. so they dont want thins like progression and upgrades. but more weapons and attachments would surely help. and the abillity to ADS would also add more to the game.
  2. Typed this some other place.....no response.
    I have the ((steam voice_forcemicrecord 0)) for Left 4 Dead, but I am having the same problem of the recording device automatically switching from Line-in1 to mic. So voice in Left 4 Dead 2 does not operate.....?
  3. I think the simplicity is what makes it good. The game isn't about head shots or collecting unlocks to have the upper hand in a fight, it is mostly about teamwork and coordinating attacks and such.

    I don't totally disagree though. I think it would be cool to have a greater dependency on the team having a diverse set of weapons. When you are a human it doesn't really matter who you are...they all get the same weapons. It might be cool if each person had a unique weapon set that contribute to the entire group for example like in TF2 or BF2. It happens on the zombie side when in a vs game but not so much on the human side.
  4. Aiming down your sights would be impossible to do in a fast paced game with dozens of enemies on consoles.
    Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 are good games, but I view them as Valve's money makers, while I view games like TF2 and Half Life as games they make for fun.
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