Argh! Pirates.... Argh! Where can I find this game?!

I am in search of this game that I used to play with Windows 95/ME years ago. The name of the game was Argh! and it was a pirate/trading game where you took over control of different Islands and fought off other players or the computers. The other players were different races (elves, dwarves, etc) and being a different race had different advantages. The graphics were fairly plain... the game was basically a screen of islands and different shapes (for example humans may be a purple triangle) that would represent the ships. It was a turn based game and you moved a given number of spaces each turn depending on the speeds of your boats to either attack another player or land on an Island and conquer it. Conquered Islands would produce gold every turn that you could use to buy more ships and etc.

So... my question is...
Does anyone know where I could find more info about this game, like where to download it? Or who made it? I am really hoping to be able to play this game again!
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  1. Bump this...

    I've looked for this game on and off for a while now too. Haven't come across it, but hopefully someone will know.
  2. Just bumping this cuz i too am looking for it.
  3. Have you tried ebay?
  4. Anyone found this? I remember having a shareware copy of it about 10 years ago, it came on one of those "1000 games on one disk" for $10 packs. It was shareware and had limitations, then it was later released as freeware and I played it for ages.

    Forgot all about it till this year, wish I could find it! It was called something like Argh, or Arrgh!
  5. I'd say have a go scouring Abandonware sites, they LOVE games like this and should be the ideal place to check.
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