Best gaming mouse for finger using

hey wats up guys i want to know what would be the best for fps gaming im a finger mover so im looking at these
Razer DeathAdder V2
Razer Lachesis
Microsoft Sidewinder X8 or wired
Logitech G9 or G9X any difference??
Cooler Master Storm Sentinel
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  1. What's a finger mover? I've never heard that term.

    I enjoy my G5 alot.
  2. Indeed what is a finger mover.. I can think of many innaporiate things to say here like.. how often do you intend to "click your mouse.." but I wont.. I haven't ever bought an expensive mouse, but what I do is go to the stores like best buy where they have all the mice out on a table and you can see how it feels in your hand... Luckily, logitech seems to be my match made in heaven..
  3. A finger mover is usually someone who doesn't use their whole hand on the mouse body to move it. I have read that the Razer DeathAdder is better for people who use their whole hand as it's more ergonomically designed however the Lachesis is a different shape and is apparently more comfortable for people who use their fingers more.
  4. Still confused but thanks for trying... my palm could be nailed to my desk and I wouldn't notice.. I can move the mouse a few inches to the left or the right andi t covers the whole screen... Are you talking about if somebody has the sensitivity low and literally has to move their hand/arm or something?
  5. I think it's how much hand is on it, your whole palm or not.
  6. haydox is right, either your whole hand/palm is rested on it or you have an arch on the mouse. i say G9 or G9x
  7. If by "finger gripper" you mean the claw grip, then the best suited mice for your use is easily the Razer Lachesis or G9/G9x (The G9x has a 5700dpi laser rather than 3200dpi)
  8. Definitely check out HP's "VooDooDNA" mouse. I know quite a few people who swear by it and wont use anything else. I just ordered one as well. Here is HP's link to the mouse:
  9. So not this Fingermouse then?
  10. chillybawls said:
    If by "finger gripper" you mean the claw grip, then the best suited mice for your use is easily the Razer Lachesis or G9/G9x (The G9x has a 5700dpi laser rather than 3200dpi)

    Claw and fingertip grips are not really the same. When you finger-tip a mouse, the mouse never touches your palm. The wrist edge of your hand rests on the desk surface and never moves. The mouse is held between your thumb and pinky/ring fingers. Those fingers are the only thing moving it around, and thus the mouse must be small enough to get a full range of movement without bumping into your hand.

    This doesn't work well on large or long mice, because you can't move the mouse around while keeping the base of your palm in one spot on the desk surface. From the pictures none of the Razor mice look suitable, but they recommend the Salmosa.

    My preferred fingertip mouse is the Microsoft Optical Notebook Mouse 3000. It's great because it's compact and light. I also like the ergonomics of the Logitch M505, but I don't care for wireless. I'm searching for a similarly compact mouse with better DPI precision for gaming. So far the only thing that looks close is the Logitech G9x. The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX looks like good ergonomics if they had a high dpi version.
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