Water cooled gaming rig for sale: GTX 690 - i7 3820 - 2133Ghz RAM, etc



- Silverstone TJ11 Tower

-ASUS Rampage Formula IV Motherboard

- Corsair Dominator 16GB RAM 2133Mhz

- Intel 2011 Socket i7 3820 Quad Core 3.6Ghz Sandy Bridge CPU

- Intel 520 SSD 240GB

- GeForce GTX 690 4GB Video Card

- Thermaltake 1450 Watt Power Supply Gold Plus

- LG Blue Ray DVD/CD Drive

- Complete custom water cool system. Single Radiator on top and Tri-Radiator on the bottom gives CPU 18-28 C Temps

- Custom green lights

- Dell Ultrasharp 27 inch monitor 2560 by 1440 Resolution

I want $2900 for this rig and monitor, I am also open to offers, thanks

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  1. Is this still for sale?
  2. Oh wow i was about to take it off the forum. I had a show to present it at, at youtube channel.. But ya I guess its still for sale
  3. Are you still trying to sell this? Are you interested in selling by parts? If so, how much would you be looking to get for the GPU?
  4. If you are willing to part it out, and it's still for sale, I'd be interested in the fan controller and case itself.
  5. Might be interested in the ram. How much?
  6. How much for just the tower? Im not interested in the monitor.
  7. Hey do you still have this for sale?
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