PlayStation3 safe like this?

Is my PlayStation3 safe at this spot?

That is a X540 Speaker set.

I placed a half-inch divider on top of the sub-woofer, which then carries the PS3.

Its basically:


No spaces between then besides the wood I used to divide them.

The bass knob on the X540 control pad is set to around 1/3 so not that much bass. As for magnetic shielding, I have no idea. There is no way to suspend that divider. I could maybe place another half-inch wood in between but thats about it.

I would have to buy a longer HDMI cable so I could put the PS3 elsewhere.

Other threads mention that the magnets and vibrations are the probelm but maybe they were talking about those big bad sub-woofers not something like what I have(smaller, weaker, doesnt shake as much LOL).
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  1. yes, that spot is fine, there will be no harm done
  2. I wouldn't want the board to be resting on the subwoffer. It's going to vibrate. Vibration is not good for the electrical components, connections in the back, blu ray drive and hard drive.

    Instead, elevate the shelf and figure out a way to have it not resting on the sub.
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