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So I played MW2 online until my power supply heat up and burn . I go buy new one which is 460 Watt . After I boot up my comp and ran MW2 . I search for a match . When I spawn . I walk on the map . But it feels slow . My fps is high . I got good 3 bars . But my movement is laging . Is it because of the game or my comp ? I'm using a Core2Duo and a 9600GT 512 MB and 2GB RAM . I don't think it's because of the internet or the host what-so-ever . I started a private match on my own but my movement is still laging . Especially on the map afghan or rust . It was free from lag if I'm inside a building . It's weird . With the burned power supply the game ran well . With this new one it lag . I tried to start a SP mission . it's still laging . Unplayable now . Please help ! Do I need to update my GPU or something ? Oh and I also try starting a server on CoD4 . it's still laging when I shoot , walk , run , everthing seems weird now .
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  1. Make sure u have a good quality of PSU, u will regret it later if u buy a cheap and crappy PSU...
    Try to re-install the game and see if it help... :)
  2. oh wait

    I found the problem . it's the VGA bus interface x1 bug . So now my VGA is working like 1/16 LOL . I need to clean the slot and see if it works ?
  3. What do u mean by vga bus interface bug?
    Your card is PCI-E x16 or not?
  4. yes it is . I checked by using GPU-Z . It was supposed to say on the bus interface PCI-E x 16 x 16 but it's 16x 1 . I've fixed it . The problem was on the VGA card .
  5. okay, your problem is solved, right? ... glad to hear that... :)
  6. Oh that's funny . YOu're the only 1 who responded . So nice of you .
  7. I'm just trying to help u...
    Sorry if i'm not help at all... T.T
  8. i got the same prob can you at least tell us how to fix it ?
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