Hardware for MW2 and soon for BBC2

I have a $360 budget right now and I'm looking to buy new hardware for computer so I can have a better gaming experience while trying to get the most out of my money. Heres the problem on any type of loading screen whether its WoW, TF2, MW2 i have these amazingly slow loading screens when i get in the game and actually start playing I'm fine but for loading screens....by the time I get in. the game has already started and nearly half way done. If I'm host of a MW2 match its almost a guarentee fail and ill have to search for a match again. I dont want the same experience for BBC2 when it comes out.

I'm assuming its the RAM and CPU but in order for me to upgrade my CPU I'd have to buy a new motherboard since mine isn't compatible with todays CPUs so what should I do. Would it be better to save the money and buy a brand new computer with windows 7 ect...? or just upgrade this one?

What im running:

- Geforce 8800 GT
- Intel Dual E2140 1.60GHz :cry:
- Windows XP
- 19inch screen 1280x1024
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  1. I think your spec are good enough to play MW2, that game doesn't required high spec to play...
    Maybe the weakest part of your system is CPU, maybe if u can get it to above 2GHz it will good.
    What is your PSU?
  2. Your proccessor should overclock fairly easily.
  3. what hdd are you using?
  4. 13thmonkey said:
    what hdd are you using?

  5. shouldn't be causing a problem.. was wondering if you had a really old HDD
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