Eval for selling old pc.

Recently built a new computer. And might be interested in selling my old one. No pics at the moment, just curious what I might could ask for it.

New Cooler Master Elite 430 case.
Ultra 650 watt power supply.
Phenom x4 9850 2.5ghz.
4gb OCZ DDR2 (4x1gb).
Two eVGA 9800gt in SLI.
Asus Crosshair motherboard (first model, lcd read out on back is faded).
Two 320gb Western Digital - Raid 0 (single platter models dated 2008).
LG Sata DVDRW (new).
Multi card reader in floppy bay (new).
New Cooler Master cpu cooler (was prev liquid cooled in old case).
Ran with Windows 7, but went back to XP Pro clean install. Had some driver quirks in 7 with the mainboard.

Thanks for your input ....

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  1. What you can get for it depends on where you sell and and to who. Here you'll get $150 for it, maybe a bit more. You could probably get $300 on craigslist.

    What's the motherboard model? If it supports Phenom II's (if it's socket AM2+, that's likely), then it's worth a lot more.

    That memory is DDR, not DDR2? Because DDR2 has been pretty standard since 2007 or even a bit earlier.

    If the mobo can support a Phenom II x4 955BE and, especially if it's PCI-e Gen2, then there might be a lot that can be done with that computer.
  2. Asus Crosshair (first in the ch series) - nForce 590 SLI ... and it is DDR2, typo lol ... CPU Phenom x4 9850
  3. Ask here More people looking to build low budget crunchers/folders. Leave a post stating selling as whole or parting out and to make offers, many whom visit will be very willing to work out trades as well.

    Whats the speed of the DDR2 and are the 9800GT's 512K or 1gb cards?
  4. Been so long since I have checked, but I think they were 512 cards. Never really liked them though, seemed to run a tad hot. The memory speed... will have to check. I know they're OCZ ... and I'm thinking they are the Platinum PC2-6400's.

    I have no use for it any more really. Since building a new one a couple weeks ago. And I also have another one which I'm using as a game server. This one is just collecting dust now.

    Thanks for the link, will check it out. :)
  5. Hmmm...on further research, it looks like that board can't do a Phenom II/Athlon II. So it's pretty much maxed out as it is.

    The 9800GT's run hot, but they're still useful in SLI nowadays. The vast majority of new games can play on Medium-High with them. Now you won't do well even on low on Metro 2033, Crysis 2, or BF3, but everything else should be okay. However, that CPU would be limiting on some newer games.

    For the right buyer and price point, there's nothing wrong with your system. Good luck with your sale.
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