Upgrade or OEM....

I hate that i have been out of the loop of all of this so long I dont remember even the simple things like this.

I want to upgrade to Win7 and I have Vista Home Premium x64

I always do a wipe when I install new OS's.....

So I really should get this one Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - OEM
correct? I dont really want to "upgrade" it..... and its cheaper..
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  1. The upgrade option is usually cheaper and is best when you will not be doing a clean install. However, as you mentioned that you are doing a clean install and the OEM version is cheaper, I would go with the OEM. However, the OEM version does not come with technical support from Microsoft.
  2. Hi Staticfx,

    Since you are moving from Vista to Windows 7, you want to purchase the upgrade version (you will still be able to do a custom installation from the upgrade disk). This guide will help you through the upgrade- http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/help/upgrading-from-windows-vista-to-windows-7-custom

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. Thanks Dewey.... I dont need support (never have since windows 3.1 lol)

    Cassandra... Any reason I should get the upgrade? compared to the OEM?

    I can do a full wipe and fresh install from the upgrade disk... correct? (always have been able to before.. just making sure they didnt fk with win7 lol)

  4. The OEM version is for system builders, so in order to get full support from Microsoft for your Windows 7, you'll want to purchase a retail version and since you are running Vista, you can purchase the upgrade version.

    And, yes, you are able to wipe your system to install Windows 7 from the upgrade disk.

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  5. k. thanks. I guess $10 difference might be worth the support (if I ever need it)
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