2 Acer 3D 120hz 1080p monitors - Price Drop

Im looking to sell my 2 Acer 3D 120hz 1080p monitors. Asking $215 shipped each, included a pic below. They go for 300 each on newegg so i figured $215 each is a good deal. The monitors are only 3 months old. They come with a powercords and a DVI-D cable with the original box. Monitors are in mint condition with no scratches, dead pixels or backlight bleed. There still under the Acer 3 year warreny. If anyone is interested send me a PM. This is the link to the monitors on newegg: My heatware link is: never sold anything only bought stuff. PayPal Please.

I will add in the Nvidia 3D glasses kit for a extra $100. Comes with the new glasses and the emitter. Bought only 2 weeks ago to replace my older style glasses.

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  1. I will also take amazon payments too!
  2. You willing to sell them individually, or only all 3 together?
  3. bump. Im willing to sell them individually for $230. $200 for the monitors and $30 to ship it. Thats what the post office told me it would cost to ship each one.
  4. Bump, I'm going to lower the price to 215 shiped
  5. That's a sick setup you have there. Very nice.
  6. smiley22432 said:
    That's a sick setup you have there. Very nice.

  7. Bumpty bump bump bump...Anyone interested?
  8. Dropping the price to $200 shipped. Lowest i can go.
  9. Are these still available?
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