Will this set up play my games well???

I was wondering if this set up is decent to play my games at high?

my specs:
Cpu: Phenom ii x4 925
mobo: biostar ta790gx
Ram: 1600 ddr 3 ram 4gb
Gpu : hd 4650
I know my gpu isnt the best there is
but this the best one i can afford right now for my psu and price...
the 9800gt is like 100$-110$ stores around me .. and i cant buy online.

I play games like : Mirrors Edge, Gta4 , crysis, stalker, fear 2 , fear 1, etc
thank you!
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  1. Crysis & Stalker might cause you some problems - but the other games will be fine, with a little of the visuals turned down.
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