Springwood or Canterwood?

Hi all,
I have a question which im hoping the community can help me with. I am wanting to upgrade my motherboard to one which supports 8x agp, sata, 800mhz fsb and 3200dddr. The boards I am looking at in particular are the ABIT IC7 (springwood) and the IG7 (Canterwood). I am basically wanting a high spec board that I can use for over clocking but am not overly concerned about raid, extra usb/firewires or integrated etherent controllers. Do these two boards/ chipsets match up when taking my 4 'wants' into consideration (agp/fsb/ddr/sata) and do you have any comments - positive negative or otherwise? - i have bought a couple of turkeys in the past so I thought it wiser to consult the chaps in the know!

Thanks in advance

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  1. Abit IS7. Best bang for the buck.
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