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Hi i was chatting to a friend of mine about Dirt 2 and what settings he can run it at,he said everything maxed out,he is running the GTX260 and i am running 2 4870`s in Crossfire. On paper one of my cards should beat the 260 but even 2 does not,i can have some setting on ultra but the rest will not go above high,could someone please explain how that is,surley it should be the other way around. :??: :??:
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  1. Have you applied the ATI Hotfix Driver/Patch ?

    Hope that solves it for you.

  2. Yes i have installed the hotfix,the game runs ok with crossfire but i just cannot get the others settings to change from high to ultra where as my friend can with his single 260,but many thanks for your reply.
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    Is it a dual or quad cpu that you are using ?

    This "may" be the lmit as the game is optimised for quad cpu.

  4. i am using a AMD Phenom 9950X4 BE 2.6Ghz clocked to 3Ghz with 8Gb of OCZ Ram and my two 4870`s in CF with a 1000watt cpu,so i think it should play the game all maxed out but it does not lol,maybe thats just what i will have to put up with but it just does not make sense to me. Its running at 1920x1200 so i thought i would reduce the resolution,i get a little more frame rate but it does not run as well,but its not fps thats niggling me lol.
  5. ati 4870 all the waaaaaaayyyyy
  6. y to install the lastest driver, i fix the problems with that, but i am using single card, all setting UH
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