Games not registering Directx 11

Games such as C&C Generals, Sub Titans and Warcraft 3 all prevent me from starting the program and notify me that the game requires directx 8 or 9 but i have Dirctx 11... im operating on an HP with an i7 920, windows 7, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 HD, 9GB DDR3... if anything else can be useful jus ask...
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  1. DirectX 11 is for next generation games like Crysis 2 which will use it and Dirt 2.
  2. Download the DXUpdater from Microsoft; you need to download the old DX9 API to get many of these older games to work properly on 7/Vista.
  3. Don't any of those install discs have DX9 on them ?
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