Hi,is there anyone here managed to play Crysis on Windows7 through Steam,i downloaded it again from Steam for about the 5th time,and there where loads of updates so i thought that i might be on to a winner and get to play it,but my optimism was very short lived as when i come to change any settings again,does not matter if its graphic or movement settings when i click apply it just freezes and i have to re-boot,steam say that its nothing to do with them,so could it be Windows7 ??.
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  1. Is there any way of launching this game without Steam???
  2. Yes it could be.
    Try running this and see if your system is up to the task.

    There could also be other issues
    Please describe your system.
  3. Thank you for the reply,my system in brief 2 x 4870 running CF,Phenom 9950 x4 BE 2.6Ghz clocked to 3.0Ghz,8Gb OCZ Ram 1000w PSU. I have played it before from a disk with no problems,not on ultra but all settings on high. I am running a 24" Acer G24 monitor running at 1920x1200.
  4. That system is obviously capable of booting Crysis, or any game. How does the system "freeze?" Seems very unlikely booting a retail game can completely crash your system, instead of just requiring you to stop the process in task manager.
  5. It freezes when i try to apply any settings,both graphical and key settings,when i click apply it come up with the red box saying are your sure you want to apply settings,when i click yes thats when it freezes,90% of the time i have to reboot,i cant even ctrl,alt,del,and then on a few occasions it will bring up a window saying serch for solution online,when i click that nothing happens. I have done the compatibility test fromthat link pat put in his reply,everything is compatible appart from Steam,i will try to download it from the site that it directs me to but all my other games run from Steam,just not Crysis.
  6. Well i D/L Steam again from the link from the Compatibilty program and ran the program again and it is still the same version and it still says that Steam is not compatible,iam just about ready to throw in the towl lol,so bloody annoying paying for a game an not being able to play it,well even more annoying than that is i played it on Vista with one card and on xp with a old Radeon X1900.
  7. I forgot to mention that my system passed on all tests for compatibility,thanks to Pat for that.
  8. When you put W7 on did you go to MB makers web site and get the W7 drivers or are you using the ones on the Widows disk?
  9. Ive updated the bios from the MB makers webs site which is Asus and it is there latest update,i just dont know if its worth buying it on cd and trying that,or borrow a copy to try and then at least i can eliminate either Steam or the game its self.
  10. I am having a similar issue - maybe the same.
    Click on the crysis icon - computer completely locks up.
    Click on the crysis 64 bit icon - loads a black screen for 5 to 10 seconds then says this application has stopped working.
    I have updated audio/video drivers, not over clocking - not really sure what is the issue here.
  11. Are you also running it through Steam or from a cd?.I can play the game if i dont touch any settings what so ever,so i cannot customize keys or change any graphical settings.
  12. You mentioned updating the bios but not the system drivers.
    I assume that you did that as well?
  13. I am playing from the install disc. I have tried every fix i can find cept the no cd hack one and nothing works for me.

    I may just install vista 64 or 32 bit till i have played through crysis... seems like a lot of special treatment for a game that is two years old or more.
    I am thoroughly frustrated with it!! =p

    I also read somewhere that crytek is no longer supporting crysis. Dont know if there is any truth to that but i saw that win 7 is considered a compatible OS but not a supported os for crysis.

    Update: I reinstalled win 7 - now i can play crysis.
  14. Yes all the system is upto date,i could not install from the cd as Windows 7 did not recognise it,so i had to go to the Asus web site. The thing is the MB is not that old,less than a year,well my whole system is,but i guess in the world of computers it is old lol.
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