What Game to Buy???!!

im really cant choose what game to get from the 4

1) starcraft & brood war exspansion (£6.70)
2) Warcraft 3 (£6.55)
3) Day of Defeat Source (£5.75)
4) War hammer 40K: dow 2 (£14.00 allthough i have doubts about me enjoying this one)

so yea can anyone give a good summed up view of each and which is the best please

all help appreciated!
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  1. I'd say Starcraft, becuase in my opinion its still one of the greatest RTS's of all time. The others games are just "so-so".
  2. Just look up reviews on each game and base your decision on which game seems more interesting and fun.
  3. Online play from Warcraft 3 can give you countless hours of fun with the user created maps. I never played day of defeat or war hammer, but there's always youtube!
  4. Exactly what JDV28 said
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