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My PC configuration is AMD phenom X 2 550 3.1 ghz processor 500 GB hard disk 2 GB RAM 800 mhz window vista 32 bit ATI crossfire with HD 3200 and HD 3450 graphic cards GIGABYTE MOTHER BOARD - GA-MA 78 GM US2H How can I further improve my PC performance. Please advice Digvijay Please tell what I can do
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  1. What are you looking to pay and play?
  2. Even though it's only 32bit opsys I'd install 2 more gigs of ram...... and without a doubt a new video card. What games and what resolution do you play at ?
  3. simple solution is to amd overdrive and amd fusion utility which will provide you with simple interface for overclocking...or you might overclock your pc from bios...
  4. As well as other suggestions regarding potential upgrades - I second the RAM and video card upgrades - look for ways to maximize your computer performance at its current set-up - they are free!

    Regardless of OS, uninstall old programs, cleanup temporary files and old registry entries, defragment the hard drive, all on a regular basis as this will prevent slow-downs as much as possible, and keep the time to complete such cleaning tasks to a minimum.

    Also check your Startup folder, Run > msconfig, and uncheck any unnecessary programs (leaving antivirus software, for example, well alone). You can also look at the System Services, Run > services.msc and DISABLE any services that are not required; the same rule applies about antivirus software. Doing these will, for the most part, reduce the time taken to boot up and shutdown your PC, but performance as a whole may increase slightly from lack of background processes occasionally using resources when you need all you can get for your games.

    Doing these will ensure you get the best from your set-up. If you're still not 100% happy, look into overclocking.
  5. Well i noticed that your running two different cards in CF,your faster card will only run at the lower cards clock speed,so your not really gaining in your CF configuration,if you do upgrade your card or cards then you may have to upgrade your processor as it may bottle neck your upgraded card so again not much of a performance gain.It all depends on when you wantto play and at what resolutions.
  6. If Hybrid CF is not turned on, do so in your Catalyst Control Centre, you may see an improvement, as you have one of the few cards that is actually compatible with the hybrid Crossfire available on those motherboards. I have a very similar MB, GA-MA780g-UD3H, and while I never used the hybrid Xfire, I was always at least intrigued by it. Realistically though, even with hybrid xfire enabled, it will not be a powerhouse graphics machine, though it should be improved over non-xfire.

    Disregard Andy's assertation that your 550 will bottleneck any video upgrade you might do, it is simply false. Your CPU is one of the best Dual Cores available at stock speeds, and will support video cards far and above what you are running now.
  7. dear friend,
    thanks for ur valuable advice.
    I have turned on my CF and it is working well.
    I can easily play games like DOOM 3, countre strike : conditon zero and
    need for speed : most wanted on it.
    I mainly like games with more intersity of action with low graphics requirement.
    It seems my two graphics card and 550 can handle these games.

    please suggest , do i increase my RAM to 4 GB or not.

  8. dear friend,

    You suggested for increasing the ram upto 4 gb.
    how it will help in gaming.
    as most people says for xp 2 gb is okay.
  9. Extra Ram doesn't make things better, but not having enough will cripple a game that needs more. 2gb should be fine for most gaming, but 4gb might open things up a little bit.
  10. Extra RAM helps. It won't speed anything up, just prevent things from slowing down in teh first place.

    GPU upgrade is teh biggest upgrade though. Right now, that is the lowest common denominator in your pc.
  11. Please tell me how i can improve the Performance of said game.
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