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So the company i work for is looking for new software for creating trouble tickets. We have used Peregrine in the past (Service Center) and it worked pretty well. Any Suggestions? Basically we get calls/emails and ticket to 1 of about 200 groups based on your selection in 4 category levels.

Looking for something simple that would work well on a AIX Server. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated : ) !
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  1. spiceworks is a nice free one if you can take the banner advertisements, and for full funtionality you have to open wmi ports on all pc's for full funtionality.
    the one i use is a pay one Trackit by numera.
  2. RightNow!
  3. BCM Reedy
  4. We use Web Helpdesk and like it. Liberum is a great open source (free) helpdesk and you don't have to deal with the advertising like with spiceworks. We used it before web helpdesk for several years without issue. We needed to move to something with better LDAP/AD integration.
  5. We user sysaid over here
  6. osticket



    am using the later
  7. We use ConnectWise which is decent but not free.
  8. Thanks for the reply but this threat is very old. best to just let it die : )
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