I may want to install another hard drive in my system after I install Win8. Will this force me to re-activate it? I remember XP was a real PITA with this.

Also, if/when I add another hard drive can I move the image to a different partition or will that also force me to re-activate it as well?

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  1. iif your just adding a hdd no you wont have to reactivate windows, you wont even need windows on a second drive just format and use as storage
  2. if your replacing the drive use acronis true image to copy drive and still shouldnt need to reactivate, why might activation be a problem out of interest? napalum is a good google for such situations
  3. You can reactivate windows 3 times in a 3 month time frame without it being a problem.
  4. Only major hardware changes,like changing everything at once, or the motherboard should prompt you. And you have to reinstall or buy a new copy if you change the board anyway. XP NEVER prompted for harddrives or addin cards by the way. That wouldn't make sense. Maybe the CPU

    Besides you can activate it as much as youwant
  5. unksol said:
    Besides you can activate it as much as youwant

    As long as it is on the same computer. Microsoft defines a computer essentially by it's motherboard. There is also a limit on how many times you can reactivate a copy of Windows online. At some point you will have to call them to activate (I believe the number is 5, but I'm not 100% sure).
  6. popeyejohnson said:
    ...why might activation be a problem out of interest?

    Activation wouldn't be a problem but having to call them to reactivate at an inconvienent time would be.

    Are you saying if I need to reactivate, should that happen, all I need to do is activate online again like I did on the initial install?
  7. Yes, as long as you haven't already done it enough times to warrant having to call them instead. Should take no more than 30 seconds for the online method.
  8. I never had a problem activating with microsoft, even if you have to call them its rather quick and easy.
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