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Ok i just recently built this pc.

CPU: Amd phenom X4 955 black edition
Memory:4gigs of ddr2 (dual channel)
hard drive: 250 Gb (cant remember the rpm)
video card: GIGABYTE GTX 260 factory overclocked to 650 megahertz(core clock)
(the power supply is adequate)
and i do belive that is all the components that determine game performance so i will stop there
and i am wondering what kind of FPS i would get with crysis before i go out and buy it, other people have said they get around 30-40 fps around there and i am wanting to know if the overclock helps my dilemma.
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  1. It depends almost entirely on the resolution and graphics settings you use.

    At 1600x1050 and with medium graphics settings (+ no AA) you'll get 40+ FPS.

    Thats the settings i'd use.
  2. Depends what resolution you're at
  3. i have a 1440x900 monitor if that matters
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