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I have an MSI KT3 Ultra2 (MS-6380E) motherboard. I was looking at MSI's web page for BIOS upgrades, and I saw that their most recent upgrade is described as: "Support AMD Barton XP3000+ (FSB333) CPU (For KT3 Ultra2 Only)." My question is this: I am looking to upgrade my CPU. Currently I have an AMD 1900+. Now, according to AMD, the maximum recommended CPU is the 2700+. However, MSI seems to think that with this new bios firmware upgrade an XP3000+ will work. What about the 2800+ and 2900+? Any thoughts? Thanks.
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  1. Anyone?
  2. AXP 3000+ should work fine in your mobo.

    AXP 2700+ would be a better upgrade because it costs much less than AXP 3000+ and performs equal or slighly slower than 2700+. Both work at same clockspeed and FSB. The only difference is L2 cache size. Most of the cases, there's no or very little performance adavantage with 3000+.

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  3. hehehe...that's what I got... :smile:
    I have the same board, KT3 Ultra2
  4. Quote:
    What about the 2800+ and 2900+

  5. Hehe, I just assumed that if there was a 2800 and a 3000, then there must be a 2900. My bad...
    Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I will probably end up going with the 2700. Nights_L, have you upgraded the bios on your board? I guess that is the other part of my question, should I go to the latest bios update or leave as-is?
  6. What about the Barton vs the Thoroughbred core? It seems that the 2700 is the only one without the barton (they make a 2500 and 2600 barton...)
  7. I dunno if you should, but I was thinking of getting a Barton, that's why I updated..but then I end up getting a T-Bred B 2600+.. I updated the Bios longtime ago, it's easy, just install the software comes with your CD, called Live Update2 I believe? then let it check, it will install the updated Bios onto a Floppy, just start your computer with that disk, there you go
    damn, now you'll beat me with your new 2700+ :tongue:
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