Could This Play WoW

Could this play wow effectively at high settings with about 20-40 fps
could someone also tell me what the battery life is -.-

i've been told it can but the graphics card just doesnt seem like it can ....
this is my second thread here and i liked the comments the first time so thanks guys ;)
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  1. WOW medium -high
  2. Looking at the specs it certainly should. WoW isn't a really spectacular looking game and so with graphics settings on low even older computers will run it.

    That laptop has a 4750, 512Mb (dedicated) graphics card in it so should handle it fine (I ran it on full settings with a 3870X2 card which is maybe only slightly better than the 4750).
  3. haydox u say ur graphics card is slightly better what fps were you getting with full settings then ?
  4. any other views ?
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