Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Hi all,
yesterday i started playing COD:MW2. n lemme tell u all how fascinating it is considering that previous MW was a grand explosion with its dazzling new modern weapons n all.
expect to see some really cool n stunning open environments and great moments too.
though im just in the first level in the campaign mode and then started playing the timed mode. thing is that im very much thrilled to play it..:)
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  1. i played on low settings on nvidia7025 with 2GB RAM. and it looks really good. :)
  2. Let me know how multiplayer goes.....
  3. MP is a homofest. SP was amazing.
  4. yeah the singleplayer rocks...the cliffhanger,the level at airport and the one on the oil rig was really cool
  5. hiii currently on the winter level again .hmm sry i dont remember the name. but it starts at the top of a mountain with 3-4 squad mates. :) and the view is really great. i think its the end.
  6. No dedicated servers = no stable ping, no regular place people can get together & play, no choosing which maps to put in rotation, no control over kicking cheats.

    No mod tools = no making maps... there are over 800 custom maps downloadable for free that people have made for the community in COD4. That means waiting for IW to make a few maps & then having to pay for them.

    There's no way I'm paying $60 for that.
  7. Modern Warfare 2 is easily one of the best games ever made.
  8. MW2 absolutely rapes MW1 in MP an SP!!!!!!
    The game is by far the best series ever made
    and the Graphics is sooooooo stuning
  9. along with great performance....with a 4890 the fps never dips below 30 given all graphics settings at their max ...
  10. eh... its fun to play at times but I still prefer the openess of crysis. The level of detail is also nothing compared to Crysis
  11. yep but it would be foolish to compare the graphics of crysis with any other game...Crysis was not designed keeping in mind the current hardware capabilities of that time...So when it was released in 2007 even the top end card likes 8800ultra couldn't play the game very well at very high specs...Even now good cards like 4870,4890 finds it hard to play crysis with AA enabled...
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