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posted this under the monitor section but im not sure if that was right place to put it or here so gonna post here.

Would using HDMI-to-DVI to connect my PS3 to my pc monitor look better than it would on my TV? the TV is just a regular 27" with no hdmi or anything and when pc was hooked to it max resolution was 1024x768 it said on ATI's CCC and the PC monitor is 1600x900 + it would be digital over the normal analog(red/white/yellow plugs) the TV uses. would the difference be really noticeable?

PC Monitor specs:

TV specs:

HDMI-to-DVI cable(not sure if theres a better one but think this is right?):

also if i hooked my pc to the vga port on monitor while ps3 is hooked to the dvi port is it possible to change to which you view? incase i need to use pc? or will i have to unhook ps3 and rehook pc back up?
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  1. Dude, on the pc monitor, it would kill the crt you have. Because on the ps3 you can set the options to play in HD. So essentially you would probably play at say 720p or so as opposed to maybe 480p or less, and it does make a huge difference. That's the reason I'm running my 22 pc monitor with my ps3 vs my 19 inch crt. On the ps3, using the crt was almost like ps2. You just need to find a solution for sound, I believe you can buy an adapter that has rca female inputs on one side, and a 1/8 inch headphone input on the other side. Essentially, plug the red and white av cables from the ps3 into the rca plugs, plug a set of computer speakers or headphones into the other side, and in the ps3 preferences tell it you want to run sound through your av cables.

    But trust me, you will see a HUGE difference if you can make it work. My monitor just happened to have the hdmi input so I was fortunate for that.
  2. Also, you should be able to just hook to your vga port and change the source if you want to use the computer.
  3. i have 5.1 logitech speakers with the adapter already to run the sound through them so thats fine. thanks for the info
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