after sp2 install get message confirm folder delet

a friend has just installed sp2 all ok apart from this message every time he starts his pc, this is what he posted me,would appreiciate any help on this, and thanks for your time
Since I added SP2 to my computer when starting up I get this message "Confirm Folder Delete" it goes on Are you sure you want to remove the folder "History,IE5 and move all its contents to the recycle bin? I have removed the folder ok but still get the message upon start up and would very much like to remove it, any ideas anyone?
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  1. further feed back from friend on this problem,

    Not sure if this helps, if I press yes i get this
    Error Deleting file ot folder cannot delete index.dat: it is being used by another person or program. Close any programs that might be using the file and try again.

    I thought it might be this
    C:\documents and settings\willie\cookies
    removed all cookies and temp files not answer,

    if I right click recycle bin and take the tick out the display delete etc I lose the first problem but the second one still comes up, error deleting file etc,

    hope someone can help
    regards waggers
  2. just had a message from him to say that he's uninstalled a program called "internet cleanup" that he had on his pc and its fixed the problem touch wood
  3. If your friend wants to delete that particular index.dat file, he'll need to do it from Safe Mode with another user account that has Administrative privileges.

    Programs such as this, that claim to remove all traces of Internet surfing or activity rarely work correctly, or completely ... simply because certain files such as this can't be removed from within a user's account while the profile is loaded.

    The last time I removed the IE index.dat file, I booted up as the system administrator and into Safe Mode, which made deleting the file a snap. However ... in WinXP, making the file <i>visible</i> is the problem, because this is considered a super hidden file, and Windows Explorer won't allow the file to be viewed.

    I use a third-party file manager, like <A HREF="" target="_new">Total Commander</A> to access the folder which contains the file. The file path is:

    C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Local Settings
    Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5.

    The .dat file should really only be deleted if it has become very large, or corrupted, FYI. But the subdirectories of the Content.IE5 folder can and should be emptied on a regular basis. (The subdirectories shouldn't be removed, BTW ... only emptied, or upon a reboot, there will be eight folders instead of four! And so on, and so forth.) Choosing to delete the Temporary Internet Files under Internet Properties simply won't remove everything, every time. This is why I like to have a different file manager to use, and one that can display super hidden files in the options menu. It comes in handy.

    But if your friend doesn't like the idea of getting a separate file manager, searching around on Google for .dat viewers should bring up some useful results. A program like <A HREF=" " target="_new">Spider</A> can also be helpful for removing .dat files.


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