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Has anyone here who applied to be a beta tester for this game been accepted? Or does anyone know when the beta comes out? Thanks.
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  1. oh, i want it too!
  2. Yea i know! its like Eve online, but you get to actually control your ship. I'm just confused on their beta deal here, it says request has been sent, but nobody has gotten accepted yet, and it comes out sort of soon
  3. do you think there are enough star trek fan to still support this game...just wondering....
  4. Oh yes there are MANY still around. I am not a HUGE fan, but i do like it. But yes, there are still many hehe
  5. Couple of my buddies are in it currently. They are having fun with it. However, they said it needs a LOT of polish. Which is understandable for it being in beta. But it is launching in a few weeks. Hopefully, they iron out all the bugs soon.
  6. they got the beta? how?
  7. Fileplanet or something was giving out free beta keys when it first launched. Doubt they are still doing it.
  8. I wonder who got James T. Kirk?
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