My Big Trade Thread

Ok First Off this is a Trade only thread I am not looking to sell any of this stuff.

Second- Heatware

Lastly I will provide my phone number to anyone I am trading with and I would appreciate the same from you.

Ok so first what I have:

Intel 2700K- I got it late last year took it to 4.5ghz then dropped it down to 3.8-4.2ghz for the rest of the time, never maxed out its multi, its been under a Thermaltake OCK aircooler the whole time. I just made the jump up to 2011 so i have no need for this anymore.

Next I have the ThermalTake OCK Aircooler, this thing is HUGE and very effective at keeping the aforementioned 2700k very cool its in great condition except I dremmeled a small portion of the plastic off so it would fit in a case its hardly noticeable but I will take detailed pics of it.

I can smooth out that last line some more to make it even less noticeable if need be (You cant see it when its mounted at all)

Asus P67 Sabertooth Mobo, got this in a trade to replace my P67 Deluxe when it died but I ended up just going to a 3820 so I dont need it, its just the bare board no manual or CD.

White Dimas Easy Benching Station, I have been using this for testing all of my setups and it works great, I just feel like a change, it has some mall nicks and scratches from use but nothing you wouldnt expect, I will document thoroughly with photos.

And heres a pic of it when I was still using it.

MSI 6950 Twin Frozr II 2gb Video card, its used but in good working order.

XFX 6950 2gb unlocked and flashed to full 6970 Bios, the Lifetime warranty is registered to me but I will gladly help if a warranty claim is needed.

Corsair K90 Keyboard, got it for a Review video which I will be wrapping up after this week so it will be available then.
(all of the keys are off at the moment for photos and cleaning, will post up normal pics later)

Corsair HX 1000w PSU- It has been the PSU I have used in the testbench for about 6 months comes with box and all accessories.

Grey 32gb Asus Transformer Prime with Matching Keyboard Dock- Comes with original receipt for the tablet (and possibly the dock if I can find it) One very small scuff on the back of the tablet and one small scuff on the bottom of the dock, I will have pictures of these tomorrow.

I also have a Optoma EW 536 720p projector with a burnt out bulb, New bulb is about $125 comes with remote and was in good working order before the bulb went, I am going up to a 1080p setup so I am not going to bother fixing it, this I will sell or trade so price is $150 sold as is.

I will update this list if I find anything else I want to trade.

Now for what I am looking for:

First off 7970 or GTX 680 Reference Cards

Watercooling gear- Compression fittings Rads (a square Quad rad in particular) Pumps ect.... Also W/C Blocks for 7970's or GTX 680's (Also nice tube res's ect...)

Looking for a Big Case, something that can mount XL-ATX-Corsair 800D, Mountain Mods, Caselabs (these rise to the top of the list) Ect ect....

Mechanical keyboards (preferably Brown, black or clear switches)

Noctua 120 and 140mm fans

Possibly a SR-2 Motherboard

64gb of quality ram (G-Skill, Corsair, Crucial ect...)

A 1k or higher Platinum PSU (SeaSonic Corsair ect...)

Asus X79 Deluxe mobo

ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe Mini ITX mobo

ASRock Z77E-ITX mobo

AMD 6990 with a waterblock already on it.

A Nice wireless Headset

Also looking for SSD's Specifically a 256gb+ Corsair Series 3 or a 512gb M4 also looking for some smaller drives for systems and laptop upgrades.

2tb or larger HDD's prefferable WD greens no seagates.

1 500gb to 1tb Hdd brand does not matter

Also will consider working something out for a decent/nice gaming laptop (Maybe transformer prime plus cash?)

I will add and subtract stuff as I go, I also have cash to add for the right deals or possibly buy what you offer me outright, feel free to pm me and please bump for looking!
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  1. Quote:
    Ok First Off this is a Trade only thread I am not looking to sell any of this stuff.....
    ... or possibly buy what you offer me outright

    i'm confused are these items for sale or just for trade?

  2. airdeano said:
    Ok First Off this is a Trade only thread I am not looking to sell any of this stuff.....
    ... or possibly buy what you offer me outright

    i'm confused are these items for sale or just for trade?


    He will buy your things from you, but will not sell his things to you.
  3. precisely
  4. Also looking for Scythe Gentle Typhoons
  5. What if we buy one of the things you want and trade to you? Interested in 6950
  6. hey man if you want to, its fine with me, pm me with what your thinking.
  7. I've got a Swiftech 18w DDC pump brand new and six Noctua fans, three 120mm and three 140mm.

    Would be interested in your bench station (depending on location, shipping would be killer) or the Corsair PSU.

    Send me a PM if interested.
  8. How much for the testing bench?
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