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I've used this website for years anytime I need to upgrade my computer and never thought about contributing. Anyway, I've been playing Tribes 2 for a while now, and I thought I'd share the eperience with you all. Iv'e made a little post with everything in it you need to get started. It's a bit formish, but what can you do? :)

Are you tired of playing Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Halo, or maybe World of Warcraft? Are you looking for a game that is different or perhaps a challenge? No game in existence today offers the richness or depth of gameplay that can compare to Tribes 2. It is a team based, first person shooter that features endless outdoor environments, easily traversible terrain using jetpacks, or vehicles, and scaleable game play from 2-64, or more players. There are literally tons of gametypes ranging from 1v1 duel to 64 player capture the flag, including Siege, Arena, LakRabbit, TeamRabbit2, Rabbit, Hunters, Team Hunters, and plenty more. There are countless mods, the most popular being Classic, but some of the more unique ones are Renegades, RaceMod, and Construction Mod.

In 2004 Vivendi made Tribes 1 and Tribes 2 free to download. In 2008 they shut down the master servers making it almost impossible to play online. In 2009, the community made a patch for a secure master server, called TribesNext, bringing the game back online.

Tribes 2 is totally 100% FREE! to play and legal to download.
Download a pre-configured install which includes, some basic scripts, and custom maps. All you need to do is download it and install it, then patch it with the Tribes Next Patch create a multiplayer account and away you go.

Download the torrent pre-configured install torrent:

Tribes Next multiplayer Patch:
(Necessary for Online play)

Hardware Requirements:
CPU: Pentium III or better
Operating System: Windows 98 or better
Video Card: 64 MB VRAM or better

Help can be found in a number of places
Web: General Competition Community TribesNext Help
On IRC – we recommend mirc #lastgasp #tribes

Look forward to playing with you on the servers.
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  1. Ill try it out, thanks for sharing this with us.
  2. I'd like to know what you think and what your nick is, I'll keep an eye out for you :)
  3. anyone else?
  4. here's a little teaser movie someone just made.
  5. Cool video. reminds me of UT. How are the gfx?
  6. I tried this game, and i felt like i was IN a lowbudget scifi movie. it was just horrible.
  7. Yikes, sorry to hear that. You played online? It's a multiplayer game, not a single player game.
  8. yea i tried both, but i am all about good graphics and gameplay. This game did not have decent gfx, and it just felt like an old old game or an unfinished one. sorry, but i gave it a try.
  9. Hey do you have any idea where to get free mods for a TribesNext Server, Base ones though, i need it ASAP for my server i want to get DUEL, ARENA, LAKRABBIT, TG etc. i would greatly appreciate the help man....
  10. Tribes and Tribes 2 are very old games. They are an interesting spin on team based FPS's, and back in the early late 90s there wasn't much out that was more fun than Starseige: Tribes.

    Now a days it's pretty weak imo, plenty other FPS's out there that are more interesting gameplay and graphics.

    Not to mention that there is a Tribes game, a mod rather, that uses the Crysis engine. So graphics and physics will be top notch! Might be a lot more interesting than tribes 2 from 1999 lolol.

    Oh P.S., Tribes 1 was a hell of a lot better than tribes 2.
  11. Tribes game using Crysis engine?

    I used to play the hell out of TribesNext (T2) on my Macbook. Since getting my new rig... i7-920 @4.1ghz + 5970 I feel I'd be wasting my rig if I went back to Tribes 2.

    It was my first online game, and still one of my favorites. Maybe it's the nostalgia factor, or maybe Tribes 2 is just a one of a kind game that has not been replicated or even come close to by any other game.

    That adrenaline rush you get from flying high and skiing down mountains and that flow you feel while doing it is just great, O, and the techno music owns! Gah, makes me want to play again but I think I will resist.

    The game needs all the players it can get, still one of the most fun games out there. That is, if your good. If your bad at Tribes your just not going to have that much fun :) . When you can ski like a champ as a heavy and land mortar shots in Rollercoaster while going 75mph your golden. Capping the flag is also hella fun, the game just can't be beat... the skiing/jetpacking combo is just amazing.
  12. I didn't ask you for a history(which by the way was released around mid 2001) or your opinion on what tribes 2 was like(Frankly i could care 2 specs of dust what you think of it), limit you self to replying to what i was asking instead of giving arrogant opinions or sugestions. Thanks.
  13. airborne11b would be one of those playesrs that didn't do so well on the game thus him trying to trash talk it, but you are right on spot Jam, you should definitly come to arena, and in CTF there is always like 3 servers with 60 people in it, there still 100's of players that play the game Tribes2( now called TribesNext) is like a drug once you try it you are hooked :bounce:
  14. Actually I used to play Tribes1 back in highschool and my friends and I were very competitive with it, learning the perfect places to slide down and using the disk launcher explosions + ski skills to travers whole levels in seconds which could make or break your team if you were even so much as slightly off.

    We were very good, but as I said, it's an old game, 9 years for tribes2 (Which as I mentioned before, had way worst skiing than tribes1) Tribes2 killed the tribes series imo.

    I was competeing in tribes1 when you were probably too young to hold a console controller, so watch your mouth.

    @ Jamarok, ya they are making a Crysis mod that makes the game basically Tribes + Crysis game engine (graphics and physics).

    Might be a lot more worth your time to check into, since you don't got a trashy PC (like infinity8 probably has lol).

    Get the Tribes game experience coupled with next-gen gaming graphics, destructable enviroment and life-like physics.

    Classics are great, but I suspect you didn't spend $699 on a GPU to play Super Mario Bros and Tribes2.
  15. Although.... I have played Zelda: Ocarina of Time on an N64 emulator since getting this computer. But this was an isolated incident, drawn from nostalgia same as Tribes 2 was.

    My opinion of Tribes 2 however, is unchanged as I still find it to be extremely fun. Keep in mind, I have never played Tribes 1, and since they are similar I don't think I ever will since the graphics there really are hard to take. The T2 graphics seem to have aged amazingly, I know at the time it crippled a lot of computers when it first came out. Still looks fairly good to me to this day though.

    Ah, I remember reading about a tribes mod for UT2004... it never came out. Also, just seems to me the popularity of tribes itself is not the biggest... being so underrated, old, and not well known. The popularity of a MOD based on an engine that many computer's still can't play well to this day (especially since a lot of the tribes players still use an old computer, like Infinity) based off a game that not many people know about... eh, I can't see the mod being all that popular.

    Although, I'm all for it... if it ever comes out. Anyway, I really just wish they would make a new tribes game. Vengeance was a disgrace to the Tribes name. They really should make a full-fledged sequel to Tribes 2 and bring all that goodness back. I don't know what I'd do really, I think I might turn manic. That's what happens when I play Tribes 2, I get all happy inside, LOLLOL. Anyway, Tribes 2 rocks but I'm avoiding it atm with all the new, great games that have come out. I just wish they'd revive the game in another way, with a whole new game, new graphics.

    If anyone watches someone play Tribes 2, they are blown away. At least from my experience, they're like HOLY *** that game looks so fckin fun, etc. etc. You just don't find any other games that give you the scope, challenge, and unlimited re playability of tribes. You never stop getting better, till your flyin high and mid-air disking people like there's nothin to it.

    They really need to get rid of Goon Haven tho.

    EDIT: Wow, if Project Rise actually comes out and people play it. I'll be all over it, just has to be popular though.
  16. I agree 100% with you Jamrock on the Crysis + mod based on an unpopular game. This could cause problems of course! But if it does take off, I think it would be 100x better than tribes2. As we progress through the years, more and more people are getting PCs that can handle Crysis. And we've also come a long way with Crysis and GPU driver patches allowing for better FPS on older hardware.

    In the end only time will tell, but I think competitive PC enthusiest like you and me can appreciate using cutting edge hardware to play a game like Tribes-Crysis mod. Might be a small community but thats how it rolls.
  17. Based on the few screens I saw on the Project Rise. Looks really spectacular, but I feel it is a very hard concept to tackle, the whole skiing and jetpacking. At least keeping it fluid. If in any way the skiing seemed half-assed or was bugged i.e hitting invisible barriers or just not having the fluidness of skiing in the only tribes games worth mentioning (T1 and T2.)

    I'm hoping that they can pull it off, just seems a game like Tribes is hard to make and master. Maybe that is why another has not been made, and I fear nobody is going to get the idea, hey.. let's make another Tribes game.

    They just weren't popular enough, unless the company had some passion for Tribes like this mod does it seems. Man, I don't know... maybe it's the nostalgia or whatever but memories of Tribes 2 are good. Or my first online game, eh, let's start a petition for a new Tribes game :D lol
  18. I think a new tribes game is 100% not going to happen. Mainly due to the fact that the Console release of tribes was so bad and didn't even make a profit for the devs due to sales being so horrible.

    Starseige tribes was great (In fact, the thing I loved most about it was that the concept of Starship Troopers suits *Book, not the movie* pretty much right down to the last detail). I liked how much faster paced the action was as opposed to other shooter games at the time.

    I think we'll be hard pressed to see another tribes game outside of mods in our lifetime.
  19. Well you pretty much described there what you where doing for the past 10 years and what you do for a living; and yeah you are right i don't have a state of the art gaming rig but thats because i have to manage 3 business 6 days of every week and have a family and a bucket load of friends to attend to ;)(its called having a life) but anyways, again i didnt ask for any info on what you have said, so if you don't have any info on what i asked don't bother me with child-like replys mouthing off and giving info that i did not ask for, frankly i just dont have time to play all those games that you play i only play Tribes 2 on my spare time. Irony though, being that you play so many video games yet you don't know a link to a TribesNext server mod that i asked for, but you just seem to go on about your lifes acomplishments; anyways as i said limit your self to replying on info that i asked for and if you don't have any info do not bother me. Thanks.
  20. LOL ^^ . You sound like a real cool dude, with a bucket load of friends.
  21. LOL I agree Jamrock. He sounds like a real winner. He "runs 3 businesses" but he can't afford a $1000 PC to play modern games. He just runs his yap on the TH forums and plays 9 year old games on his mom's Emachine.

    Hey buddy, I got an idea for you. Get a real job so you afford to buy a PC and play some real games with real player base. Oh? Is having a large competitive player base too much for you to handle?

    As for you telling me what, and what not to say, I could care less. I'll sum up "I've been doing for the past 10 years" I've been in the military, US Army paratrooper in case you can't tell from my forum name, and I've been to war and back. I've spent years at a time in warzones so I think I'll do as I please when it comes to constitutional rights, you know, like Freedom of Speech. If you don't like it, don't post on a public forum you fat cheeseburger eating McDonalds manager.

    Maybe if you lost some weight, manned up, and did some military service yourself you could afford to buy a PC to play some real games competitively and get off your Mom's Emachine playing against 13 year olds in an ancient game. Oh but that would mean you'd have to play against a real player base that might put up a fight. Oh heaven forbid!

    3 businesses and can't afford a gaming PC? Maybe you should focus on doing 1 business right instead of 3 failures.
  22. i know i am ;)
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