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Hi all,
Gears of war will not start, once i put the disk in and click on play the screen goes blank and a error msg comes up saying ( to play gears of war please double click on the startup.exe). so i went in to the binaries and double clicked on the startup application in gow but the same error comes up. I have all the latest patches, drivers and googled it and found out a lot of people have had this problem on xp and there is a fix for xp for the driver of the amd dual core but i am running win 7 64bit and there is no fix that i can find.

Is there anyone that can help please.

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  1. Is your game original?/I yes then you may contact the website and ask for online help..If not try a different crack
  2. sayantan,
    Thanks for the reply, yes it is original and i have tried everything that the epic website has said and still dont work. I had the same problem with xp but they found a fix and i had no problems with vista, but win 7 i just cant get it to work.
  3. Hi all,
    i have sorted the problem, it took me three time to download the patch and delete it but on the 4th time the patch took and is now working. thanks for all you help
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