CoD4 fps drop with win7

This week I upgraded my computer finally. I was running before:
Intel mobo (dontremember the model)
Pentium D 3.0ghz
2gigs of Ram
250gb HD
8800 gt

I upgrade to
Evga x58 SLI LE mobo
Intel i7 920
3gigs DDR3
500 gig HD
Evga GTX 260

I installed CoD4 did my normal patching and ran the game with medium setting and only got 40fps. So I downloaded a FPS config called yitch3 and didnt help. Dropped the Resolution and everything and still didnt break 50fps. Before on my worse computer i got 80-125 fps constant. Any idea on what the problem could be or what could be the fix. Oh and i run CSS and Heroes of Newerth perfectly fine and smooth. :-/
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  1. What power supply do you have?

    If I'm not mistaken, your system consumes more power with your new components...

    I have found that a underpowered GPu can sometimes underperform...just a thought
  2. Try turning OFF "Ambient Occlusion" in nvidia CP, helped me.
  3. Graphics drivers up to date?
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