HELP! PnP BIOS problem

Im well and truly stuck and wondering if anyone on here can give me some advice.

I have a mesh matrix 1.2 gig athlon about 3 years old now running windows ME 512 ram, Gigabyte GA-7DX board 761 AGPset, geforce 2 Ultra.

The problem started yesterday it was working as normal but a setting was changed (not by me!) in the BIOS to enable Plug n Play devices or something similar. Now when its booted up it gets to the stage before loading windows ME and stops, sometimes displaying the option to load windows in the different modes, but I can't select a different mode because the keyboard isnt working. I can enter the award bios by pressing delete but when in the bios the keyboard stops working too so I cant change any settings back and am forced to reboot again.
When windows loads in safe mode I cant do anything because the keyboard and mouse wont work there either. I know there is no problem with the keyboard or mouse I have checked and tried other ones USB and standard PS2. So Im sure it is to do with the PnP setting that was changed but I cant change it back! The system was fine before this. Also the information at the top of the sceen at startup about the graphics card is no longer there so thats not loading either. My knowlege is a bit lacking on this can anyone help?! I really need to sort this out!
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  1. Sounds pretty wierd. I've always had that PnP (plug and play aware OS) setting turned on, but I know I've had times when it was turned off (after a system is first built) and I've never noticed a difference. I doubt that is causing your keyboard to not work. Try resetting the BIOS. There should be a jumper on the board to do that. If you've verified that the keyboard is good and tried other keyboards, and resetting the BIOS doesn't fix the problem, I would guess the motherboard is bad.

    Since the keyboard doesn't work in the BIOS menu, your problem has nothing to do with winblows.

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  2. PNP-OS YES actually TURNS OFF your motherboard's BIOS PNP. Setting it to NO turns ON your motherboard's BIOS PNP. Now, BIOS is normally MUCH better at configuring hardware than Windows.

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