Asus A7N8X and USB 2.0?

Hi I have an Asus A7N8X Deluxe 1.04 board. I plugged in my USB 2.0 reader in the back USB port, and I got the dialog box saying it was installing the new device. Every time I got to My Computer, it takes like 1 minute or so to load, it says searching for items. I know the reader is not a problem because I tried the reader on a Compaq USB 2.0 computer and it zipped right along. I know I have USB 2.0 and it seems to be running super slow. When I open the task manager, it actually tells me that My Computer is " Not responding", then eventually it will open. I have installed the latest Nvidia N-Force 3.13 patch. Is there another driver I need for USB 2.0? I am running XP Pro with Service Pack 1. In the device manager, it says USB root hub, instead of USB 2.0 root hub.
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  1. does this only happen when reader is plugged in ?
    if so try uninstalling the reader driver and reinstall?
    did you install service pack 1 before motherboard drivers ??
    my A7N8X 2.0 doesn't indicate USB 2.0 either in devive manager , but it should indicate " standard Enhanced PCI to USB host controller" - "Enhanced" means that USB2.0 is working
  2. Yes. The computer only freezes when the reader is plugged in. I did install Service Pack 1 first, and then I installed the drivers. It would not allow me to install the USB 2.0 driver until I installed SP1. In the device manager, it does say "standard Enhanced PCI to USB host controller". I was playing around with it, and I found out that if I just let it read the card, and wait until the screen pops up showing the data on the card, it doesn't freeze. I think maybe I am trying to rush it, and that is making the computer to freeze. When I say freeze, I mean "My Computer stops responding" and I have to close it using the task manager. Thanks for clarifying that I do have USB 2.0 running.
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