Selling Dell XPS 630i

I'm looking to sell my Dell XPS 630I.

Processor- Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650, 3.0GHz, 12MB Yorkfield
Power Supply- 750W
Hard Drive- 2x Seagate 500GB 7200RPM in Raid 0 (Total 1TB)
Memory- 4X Kingston 1gb, 800MHz, DDR2 (Total 4GB)
CD Drive- DVD-RW Burner
Video Card- 2X ATI 4870 1gb with crossfire
Networking- Integrated 1gb ethernet or K1 Killer NIC
Operating System- Windows vista Ultimate 32Bit or Windows XP Professional Downgrade
Software- Microsoft Works, Roxio Creator, and Cyberlink PowerDVD
Cooling- stock heatsinks, 2X 120mm front fans, and added 92mm exhaust fan.
Overclocking- Never tried although I wanted to.

Details- Includes original xps 630I manual, Product information guide, Software discs, and Driver discs. As of now no operating system is installed and drives are clean. I could install either operating system if you want or I can leave it empty. I will ship to United states except Alaska and Hawaii for cost reasons.

The K1 Killer NIC, and the ati 4870 video cards are Optional or could be sold separately. Also The Seagate drives are optional but I'm not planning on selling them separately.

The full system Price will be $500 US dollars. Price can be negotiated depending on shipping, optional componenets being removed, and wether i need to install something.

If you would just like the optional components prices are:
ATI 4870s- $50 each or $90 for set
K1 NIC- $10

Front And side of case.

Back of Case

Manuals, software discs and k1 killer NIC

Optional Seagate Drives

Inside of case excluding the ati cards and NIC.

Note I will add pictures as soon as I find my card reader to upload them. Also If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
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  1. Not trying to be 'that guy,' but you'll never get $1200 for this. Core 2 Quads are now two generations old, used 4870s go for half what you're asking, and those + CPU are the best things in your system.

    You'll realistically be looking at ~$300-400 for this.
  2. Ater looking online more Your right, so I've adjusted the prices to be more realisitic.
  3. do you still have this availible?
    im interested in just the case.
  4. Yes I still have this case and would be willing to hear your offer.
  5. sorry i just bought one a couple of days ago.
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